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Graeme Pippet




My name is Graeme Pippet, a sculptor based in the coastal town of South Shields in the North East of England.


 This site is an overview of the work I have been involved with over the years- an insight  into the sort of skills I have to offer and and place to see what is going on with our new regular sculpting classes.

Cheers Graeme.

 Sculptures can be produced in a variety of materials depending upon the job in hand.


I use wax, various Polymer Clays, water based clay and Plastilene, I will be able to tell you the best material needed for your particular job.


Moulds can be made in fibreglass, plaster or silicone. Again I can advise on the best solution for your requirements and budget.


Castings can be in plaster, polyester resin, polyurethane resin, latex and silicone using vacuum and pressure casting techniques- which ensures castings are kept as bubble free  as possible.


These casts can be for use as a master model - from which more moulds and casts are taken  or be used as the final product.


I have the ability to provide a variety of finishes with various paints, pigments and fillers.



I have extensive knowledge of working digitally with ZBrush, producing models that I can 3D print on my personal printers.

I can create final models in PLA or resin which could then go on to be moulded and cast.


I  hope you enjoy viewing my work and that I have the pleasure of working with you in the near future.


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